Our mission at Aberdeen is to provide ways to resolve outstanding warrants, increase court recovery and reduce court costs, all with a personal approach. We believe debtors can fully satisfy their court debts by receiving respect, customized payment plans and direction to needed community resources. We believe that counties and municipalities deserve a solution that generates additional revenue, while costing zero in collection expense and reducing court and jail costs.


Aberdeen’s Mission     

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Increase Your Revenue      

Aberdeen Enterprizes is the court cost recovery agency that will greatly increase your revenue. Our state-of-the-art collections technology, qualified case managers, and personalized approach will revolutionize collections in your area. Aberdeen makes it easy for both your office and the debtors to stay up-to-date with their cases, maximizing the likelihood of full recovery of outstanding fines.


      Aberdeen’s personal approach to collections greatly increases the likelihood of full recovery of outstanding fines. We have put in place standard practices that make payment as manageable as possible for the debtor, ensuring the greatest revenue possible for your area.

· Aberdeen provides payment plans, follow-up contacts and payment reminders to ensure
     maximum recovery of all owed fines.

· Aberdeen accepts credit cards, debit cards, echecks, money orders and online payments,
      making it as simple as possible for debtors to fulfill their obligations to the court.

· Highly experienced case managers build relationships with debtors, helping them resolve
      their outstanding warrants by customizing payment plans.

· Our case managers direct debtors to community resources that can help them satisfy
      their debts and make referrals to companies that may hire persons with records.

· Debt resolution is arrest prevention, reducing jail and court costs for counties
      and municipalities.

· As your representative, our case managers are trained to treat all debtors with respect
     and courtesy.

· Aberdeen works hard to protect all parties’ interests while resolving the outstanding balance.
     We have a distinguished record, with no formal complaints filed against us.

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Aberdeen Collections: Something Different     

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