Collection Process      

Our state-of-the-art collections technology, qualified case managers, and personalized approach will revolutionize the collection process in your area. Aberdeen makes it easy for both your office and the debtors to stay up-to-date with their cases, maximizing the likelihood of full recovery of outstanding fines. Aberdeen does an individual deep skip trace to obtain a current address and/or telephone number within 5 days of case assignment. Letters are then sent, offering a solution to the issue of outstanding fines. The defendant can either resolve their fines fully by any number of our various accepted payment options:

· Mail-in payments (money order, cashier’s check, certified check)

· Credit card/debit card (via phone or secure payment website)

· Online payment

· Check over the phone
or they can contact us to receive a case manager. The case manager will answer any questions regarding their outstanding debt to the court and aid them in fulfilling their obligation. Case managers will also follow up on any letters that are not quickly responded to, either by phone, if available, or a more in-depth skip trace to correctly locate and identify each defendant.

Information and Payment Organization

            Aberdeen enters all case information into our Debtmaster Professional system. Debtmaster will track all information for each defendant including contact information, contacts made via telephone and letter, payment plan, payments received, and account activity by case managers and all information is secure and up-to-date.

Aberdeen expects full collection after locating and contacting a defendant in:

    · 60 days for cases of $400 or less

    · 120 days for cases of $401 - $800

    · Cases of $801+ being resolved based on the ability
    of the defendant to pay over time

Our case managers will follow the guidelines outlined by each client in the customized collection plan created with Aberdeen, but often plans include these general practices:

    · Collect full balances under $500, with some exceptions

    · Establish a 40% first payment to recall the warrant on cases where
    the balance is over $500, followed by reasonable monthly payments
    until the court debt is resolved

    · Provide a voice mail reminder 3 days prior to each payment’s due date

    · Contact the debtor by phone to seek resolution, if payment becomes past due

Aberdeen provides access to case information by way of an internet based Client Portal system. This secure online resource provides this valuable, real-time information to the court staff:

        · Debtor information, such as full name, case number and status,
          current balance, driver’s license numbers, state of issuance, current address,
          and the date and amount of next payment due

        · All active accounts

        · All new accounts

        · First payment received on an account

        · Payment agreements and the balance remaining on these accounts

        · Payments in full

        · Failures by the debtor to fulfill payment agreements, even after due
          process notices issued by Aberdeen

        · Closed accounts

            In order to remit collections to the court, Aberdeen will send a Trust Statement to the court every two weeks that details the amounts collected, case information, and case balances. The Trust Statement details all of the funds collected and those funds due Aberdeen. To assist with proper accounting practices, the client will receive 100% of all funds collected and then remit Aberdeen’s fees on a monthly basis.

            As our Trust Statement and Client Portal show, we are diligent in maintaining a correct and up-to-date balance for all of our cases. Click here for examples of our Client Portal account list, Client Portal case and debtor information page and our Trust Statement.


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