Advantages of Aberdeen      

    Aberdeen’s process creates an income stream for the court, rather than a “get what you can” approach to collections. Our experience with court cost administration teaches us that upon locating and contacting a defendant, the chance of completing full collections is very high. We think in terms of full recovery over time, based upon the size of the obligation and the defendant’s ability to pay. Presently our income stream for the state of Oklahoma is over a million dollars per month and growing.

The benefits to the court of using Aberdeen for court cost recovery include:

    · Significantly increasing the revenue going to the general and operations fund,
      permitting a budget increase for all offices

    · Recovering payable traffic citations and ordinance violations that have
      gone uncollected

    · Recovering court-ordered fines and costs that have been unpaid by defendants

    · Recovering court costs, even though the cases may have been dismissed with cost

    · Recovering environmental payable citations

    · Recovering outstanding parking tickets

    · Sharing updated contact information for defendants

    · Identifying deceased defendants and recalling closed warrants

    · Identifying disabled defendants and creating a payment plan that fits their
      financial abilities

    · Referring defendants with records to employers that hire persons with records

    · Fewer defendants jailed for failure to pay fines

    · Less hours in custody to manage arrested defendants

    · Reducing liability for medical expenses while in custody

How Aberdeen Can Help

Aberdeen is dedicated to keeping the court clear of uncollectable cases and to this end we:

    · Identify deceased defendants to close files

    · Notify the courts to recall failure to pay bench warrants

    · Locate and track incarcerated defendants until their release

    · Identify true hardship cases and notifies the court

    · Identify the unemployed, persons on fixed incomes, and social security
      disability recipients to set up payment plans within their means.    

    · Work towards full recovery of older cases


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